I’ve always had the idea of living my life crazy enough to have interesting stories which I can then share to my future grandchildren. Part of this includes getting “on the floor” of most places I’ve been to. It all started with a photo from the Grand Central Terminal in NYC where I casually just got on the floor and had my photo taken. Two of my friends thought it could be a good travel photo idea — and a few years after,  I’m still “flooring” the cities I visit.

I read this before and liked this part in particular:

“Write about your travels, past, present or future”

There are two things that keep memories alive. Photographs, and writing. Each memory may have changed you, or change your perception towards travel. Continuously recall and pen down these travel stories – don’t let them be lost with age. You will realise how cool you were in the past, and they will help you re-evaluate your priorities for the future.”

So…here’s my share of internet space wastage.

I’ll be sharing some of the happy encounters my friends and I have experienced in the adventures we’ve had together.

Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two, so feel free to say hello, don’t be a stranger! ; )


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  1. Monica Chugani

    Hey Kekatales,

    I find your blog really interesting and i absolutely love all your pictures on the floor.

    I’m so happy for you and will find out more about your adventures and trips through kekatales

    Monica Chugani <3