For the Love of Pancakes

Since we moved to Berlin two years ago, I’ve been on the lookout for the best pancakes in the city. I want the fluffy pancake type (Maya Pinoy style tbh) but somehow, pancakes are done differently in some of the cafés here. I once got served really pasty ones which was quite disappointing especially at the height of my cravings. So I did a bit of research and looked for the best version of pancakes this city has to offer and luckily, there are really good ones. This city is home to affordable brunch places  so I’m sharing some of the best ones we’ve […]

Got Stockholm Hue(s)!

The only idea I have of Sweden (before) was that it is the land of the midnight sun and of course, meatballs. The fascination in those ideas led me to visit a friend who lives in Stockholm in June last year and true enough, it is those  two and more. I wanted to share how the meatballs were like, or how the supermarkets have their own “self-scanners” or how expensive the alcohol (and everything else in particular) is, but one thing that absolutely stood out was Stockholm’s train stations — dubbed as the world’s “longest art gallery.” I’m used to […]


We recently spent a weekender in Milan this March in an effort to escape Graymany’s winter spells. Sounds fancy, yeah? Not really though. Thanks to easyJet‘s promo fares in January, we were able to score roundtrip flights for two people for only ‎€90! That’s barely PhP5000 altogether, which made the deal really sweet. <3 Upon arrival in Milan, the first thing I noticed right away was that, I was in Little Manila, thanks to the number of Filipinos living in the city. Hearing Filipino was  a taste of home and this made me feel so much better  since my quick vacay to […]

#CurachaInAlemanya: The Berlin Festival of Lights

(I’m starting the #CurachaInAlemanya series (part of Kekatales’ Adventures) this October so I can share most of exciting and weird things I encounter in my life here in Germany. The first light festival I saw was in  Singapore  for iLightMarina Bay (March 2014) and it was an activity worth checking out for both tourists and residents alike. Some of my snaps from then: I’ve always had a fascination with everything bright and colorful and Berlin’s Festival of Lights surely satiated my thirst for activities that will keep me in a happy mood. I was always wondering when the Brandenburger Tor will […]

WAT Up Cambodia!

2013 August Back when I lived in Singapore, one of the things I’m most thankful for is the affordable airline fares. The country has always been dubbed as a travel hub, so naturally most of the fare prices go on sale. We got lucky with the cheap flight out of SG to Phnom Phen (fare from SG was about S$84 via Jetstar)  BUT — after trying 1million flight + land travel combinations — the only way we could get out of Siem Reap back to Singapore was through a regular flight with SilkAir. Yes, it was undoubtedly much more than the usual […]

Austria Later!

The snow-covered mountains against the blue skies sure seemed like a scene straight from movies – (except it was not as I literally felt cold all over). I was waiting for the background music to play- something straight out of the Walter Mitty soundtrack… but my giddy-child of a boyfriend quickly burst that thought bubble since he wanted to snowboard straight away as it was our last day in Austria. Yes, I spent a week in the Alps where the Inday in me learned to ski, paraglide and rodeln (that’s sledding in simpler terms). We spent a week in Gastein […]